Aeration FAQs

Why aerate a pond or lake?

Weather and other environmental factors can adversely affect the dissolved oxygen levels which can, in turn, negatively affect the health of your fish. The single most effective way to prevent this type of event is to through supplemental  aeration. Supplemental aeration systems can also be a great way to add a decorative effect to your pond or lake.

What are the different ways to aerate my pond or lake?

At Pond King, we offer four types of aeration devices:

  • Botton Diffusers: These units are typically used in lakes with depths exceeding 8 feet. In the heat of summer, lakes with greater depths are at a higher risk of stratification. By placing bottom air diffusers, you create an updraft of water that helps to circulate the entire lake and reduce stratification. 
  • Surface Aerators: These units help to maintain cleaner water, provide gentle circulation, and prevent thermal stratification resulting in better growth rates and increased immunity to fish stress and disease. They can be easily moved to provide emergency aeration to any lake at any time. 
  • Aerating Fountains: These units help to improve water quality, keep fish alive, add vital oxygen, eliminate stagnant water, and improve the decomposition of organic matter such as leaves, grass clippings, and wildlife waste. With a classic V-shaped display, these units move a lot of water per horsepower and provide excellent efficiency. 
  • Decorative Fountains: These units offer multiple spray pattern nozzles and while they provide some aeration benefits, are mostly decorative, as the name implies.

How can I order a Kasco fountain from Pond King?

In order to place an order, you need to call us at 940-291-2597 or send an email to

How do aerators and fountains ship?

When you order a Kasco aerator or fountain from Pond King, it will be drop-shipped to you from Kasco. You will receive a shipping estimate before your order is finalized.

Still have questions?

Whether you’re looking for information about shipping & delivery, product specs and details, or help with setting up an installment plan, our team is standing by and happy to assist.

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