Aluminum-framed floating dock delivery information

If you live in Texas or Oklahoma and would like Pond King to install your aluminum-framed floating dock, our drivers will deliver the dock to your property.  For the most accurate delivery estimate, please call 940-305-0490 or email For your information, here are the installation and delivery fees per mile. 

10′ x 8′12′ x 10′16′ x 10′20′ x 10′
Delivery– In TX or OK: $4.25/mile one way, within 249.9 miles of Gainesville, TX
– In TX or OK: $4.75/mile one way, within 250 to 499 miles of Gainesville, TX
– In TX or OK: $5.25/mile one way, 500 miles or more from Gainesville, TX
– Oversized Docks in Oklahoma: $5.75/mile one way for all docks larger than 10′ x 8′
Oversize Hauling PermitNA$150.00/state$150.00/state$150.00/state

If you live anywhere else in the continental U.S., we will discuss with you what option works best for delivery of the aluminum framed dock to your property by hot-shot driver and flatbed trailer. You’ll need a piece of equipment (forklift/tractor with forks) to offload from the trailer. You will assemble and install the dock yourself.

For the most accurate delivery estimate, and to discuss options, please call 940-305-0490 or email

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