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Pond King has been manufacturing American-made products designed to help people enjoy the freedoms of our country and of the great outdoors since 1995. We believe that the U.S. Military plays a major role in protecting those freedoms. To show our appreciation for the sacrifice these men and women make for our country, we are pleased to offer a discount to the U.S. military active-duty and veterans, including the National Guard and reserves. 

How to Take Advantage of Pond King’s Military Discount

To receive the military discount on Pond Management Products, One-man Boats and DIY Boat Kits just add the products you wish to purchase to the cart and when you go to check out, enter the discount code from below where prompted. You can only use one discount code per order. To receive the discounts listed below for Small Pontoon Boats and Docks, please call our knowledgeable sales staff to place your order. 

(Pro Tip: just copy and paste the code from the table below so you are sure to get it right.

Military Discount Codes for Online Orders

ProductDiscount Code to Use at Checkout
HH Habitat Products*5%USAS%ah
HH Value Packs2%USAS%pm
PK Mounted Fish Feeder2%USAS%pm
Floating Fish Feeder2%USAS%pm
DIY Boat Kit$70USAS$diyb
Patriot Free Tall RailUSAS$p4p
Floating Dock Kit$125USAS$fdk

*The five percent discount applies to the  Brush, Canopy, Dock Dropper, Grass, Nursery, Mega Nursery, Reed, Shrub, Spawning Discs, The Honey Hole, and Tree. 

Military Discounts For Small Pontoon Boats and Docks

Remember, to receive these discounts, you must call our sales department at 940-291-2652 to place your order. 

ProductDiscount Code
Small Pontoon Boats
-> Champ$150USAS$pkc
-> Sport$275USAS$pks
-> Pro$375USAS$pkp
-> Ultra$400USAS$pku
-> Lil’ Cruiser$450USAS$pklc
-> Elite$500USAS$pke
Aluminum Floating Docks
-> 10’x8′$275USAS$a108
-> 12’x10′$375USAS$a1210
-> 16’x10′$475USAS$a1610
-> 20’x10′$600USAS$a2010
Standard Steel Floating Docks
-> T-dock$375USAS$td
->  12’x8′$425USAS$s128
-> 12’x10′$500USAS$s1210
-> 16’x12′$725USAS$s1612
-> 14’x20′$950USAS$s1420​
Deluxe Steel Floating Docks
 -> 12’x16′$950USAS$ds1216​
-> 14’x20′$1,000USAS$ds1420

We reserve the right to randomly verify military status and withhold the discount if you cannot provide proof.

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