One-man Boats FAQs

How do I receive my boat shipment to ensure there’s no damage?

It is very important that you examine your shipment BEFORE accepting it. Here’s how to properly receive a shipment: 

  1. Inspect all boxes/pallets and make sure you have all the pieces to your order.
  2. Check the bill of lading from the delivery company to make sure you have all your boxes/pallets.
  3. Report any missing boxes/pallets to the driver and NOTE ON THE BILL OF LADING. Get it in writing!
  4. Next, inspect all the boxes/pallets for anything that looks like damage. If there is a punctured or smashed box/pallet, open it, and make sure that there is no damage.
  5. In the event of damage, you must report it to the driver and NOTE ON THE BILL OF LADING. If you do not note the damage on the bill of lading, you are confirming that you received the goods in perfect condition, and you release both Pond King and the shipping company of any liability on the shipment. While we will do what we can to help you out, ultimately Pond King is not responsible for any damage caused during shipping by a third party.

How much does the boat weigh? ​

The Ultraskiff hull (sans motor or seat) weighs 123 pounds and the assembled Rebel weighs 150 pounds.

What size motor do you recommend for the one-person boats?

In our opinion, a standard deep cycle battery-powered transom-mounted trolling motor is the best and safest choice for either of these boats. The motors we sell are the Minn Kota Endura C2 45-lb thrust with 36-in shaft, or the Endura Max 55-lb thrust with 42-in shaft and battery indicator.

How do the one-person boats track and steer?

Since the Ultraskiff is round, it can feel very sensitive to steer at first, but with a bit of practice, you’ll consider its responsiveness a great attribute when in tight spaces. The bottom half of the hull has a large pointed prow like other boats so you’ll find it tracks very similarly to other boats. With its small size, you’ll find the Rebel very responsive, but because of its shape, it also tracks nicely.

How much do these boats draft?

Both these boats are low-drafting, so if your propeller is down, that’ll probably bottom before the boat does. With a 200-lb man, a motor, battery, gear, and accessories, the Ultraskiff drafts about three inches and the Rebel will draft about seven.

I’m a big guy. Which of these boats should I get?

The Ultraskiff has a maximum weight capacity of 360 pounds, and the Rebel has a 400-pound weight capacity. You should allow about 20 pounds for the motor, and maybe another 20 for the battery and gear. So, the Ultraskiff can handle up to 320 pounds and the Rebel accommodates someone weighing up to 360 pounds.

How long will a battery last with a trolling motor?

It all depends on how much you use the motor and the amount of thrust you apply during those usage periods.

Do I need a cover for my one-person boat?

If you aren’t going to be using your boat for an extended period, we recommend storing the seat, motor and battery somewhere out of the weather. But neither of our one-man boats require a cover.

How should I store my one-person boat?

The Rebel can be left on the water (as long as there isn’t a hard freeze). As for the Ultraskiff, it depends on how you store your boat. If you are keeping it outside, stand it vertically against a fence or flip it upside down. If you are leaving your boat flat on a trailer, then a cover would be helpful to keep the utility pockets and cup holders from collecting water.

What is the purpose of the flared bow on the Ultraskiff?

The strategically flared bow prevents water from splashing up while giving the boat the lift it needs to get through and over large swells.

How is the Ultraskiff manufactured?

The Ultraskiff’s hull is rotationally molded as a solid, durable piece, with no glued or riveted seams. The attachments and accessories are screwed into 33 brass and stainless steel mold-in inserts.

How portable are these boats?

The Ultraskiff weighs 123 pounds. It has two handles for lifting and handling underneath the bow. The boat is very easy to roll on its side, although it takes a little while to master it. Once you do, you’ll be rolling your Ultraskiff everywhere. You can also slide the boat on its side on surfaces that aren’t too rough. A hand truck is another great way to move the boat on land and launch from shorelines and beaches. ​ When assembled, the Rebel weighs 150 pounds, but it is modular. You can detach the pontoons from the deck and put the pieces into the bed of your truck and re-assemble it at your desired launch site.

Do these boats come with a Title?

Yes, both of these one-person boats come with an MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin) and a HIN (Hull Identification Number).

What if I need to register the boat in my home state?

In Texas, if you are only using your boat on your private property, you don’t need to register it. However, if you’ll be transporting your one-person boat to public waters, registration is required. If you’re not a Texas resident, we recommend checking with your state to find out the laws and requirements.

How much do each of the components of the Rebel weigh?

Pontoons = 17 lbs. each
Rail and transom = 15 lbs. 
Wood/carpet deck= 50 lbs
Aluminum deck = 47 lbs 

Still have questions?

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