Small Pontoon Boat FAQs

How do I choose the right small pontoon boat model for me?

To help you decide which boat is best for you, please check out our Boat Recommendation tool. Or, if you’d prefer, give us a call. Our boat experts will help you choose the right boat and outfit it just the way you want.

Once I’ve placed my order, how long will it take to get my Pond King Small Pontoon Boat?

All of Pond King’s pontoon boats are made to order, right here at our facility in Gainesville. Once we receive your order, we’ll get started building your boat but production time will depend on when you place your order. (If you are ordering between March and June, call for an estimated delivery time.) A typical lead time is around 4-6 weeks for completion, depending on the season.

Do Pond King Small Pontoon Boats require much maintenance?

All the Pond King pontoon boats are designed to be low maintenance with welded aluminum subframes, heavy gauge pontoons, and stainless steel hardware. Unlike a V-hull or Jon-boat, Pond King pontoon boats don’t require constant tarping or need to be bailed out after a storm. Once delivered, your Pond King pontoon boat can pretty much stay in the water.

What are the decking materials?

The decking on all of our small pontoon boats is made of custom extruded, tongue-in-groove aluminum planks with a skid-resistant powder-coating. The decks of our pontoon boats stay cool and aren’t slippery when wet, plus they’ll last a lifetime.

Why do all the Pond King Small Pontoon Boats only have two pontoons?

At Pond King, we manufacture our boats, start to finish, right here at our facility in Gainesville, Texas, and that includes the pontoons. We roll our pontoons to our own specifications from 0.080” marine-grade 5052 aluminum. By adjusting the diameter to length ratio, we can create the appropriate buoyancy for each of our boats – so they only need two pontoons. If you check out our mini pontoon boats, you’ll see that some of our boats actually have 4 pontoons – but they are configured to act the same way our 2 pontoon system works.

Is there a reason for the cone shape on the front of the pontoon?

You bet. The cone shape on the front of the pontoon improves the boats steer-ability. We’ve specifically designed the pitch of our cones to keep the nose up – when you are speeding up or slowing down – and to facilitate maneuverability in the water, so the front end slices through the water.

Are Pond King Small Pontoon Boat frames welded or bolted together?

Pond King’s small pontoon boats are known for their stability, especially as it relates to their size. Welding our frames together, versus bolting, provides a very high level of torsional stability at the joints which contributes to the overall stability of the craft.

How are the frames attached to the pontoons on the Pond King Small Pontoon Boats?

Unlike bolts, welds don’t work loose over time. That’s why at Pond King we weld the deck frames to brackets, which are then welded to the pontoons, contributing to the boat’s stability and longevity.

How can I pay for my boat?

Because all of our boats are built to order, we require a $1,000 deposit before we start construction. The balance is due either prior to shipping or at the time of delivery. If you are picking your boat up, or we are delivering it, we’ll require the balance when you take possession of the boat. We’ll accept credit cards, checks, or even good ol’ cash. 

Is a trailer included with my Pond King Small Pontoon Boat?

Because most of our customers have us put their boat on the water, and that’s where it stays, we don’t include trailers in the base price – although we do offer trailers for all small pontoon boat models.

What outboard shaft length do the small pontoon boats require?

A short shaft outboard will work on the Sport model, but if you’re getting the Pro model or larger, you’ll need a long shaft outboard.

What is the “Turn Around Guarantee?”

If you’re not satisfied with your pontoon boat at delivery, we’ll “turn around,” bring the boat back to Gainesville, and refund the entire amount you’ve paid – minus the delivery fee.

Still have questions?

Whether you’re looking for information about shipping & delivery, product specs and details, or help with setting up an installment plan, our team is standing by and happy to assist.

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