Turtle Trap FAQs

How do I put my Floating Turtle Trap together?

The turtle trap is pretty easy to assemble and should have shipped with assembly instructions. If you’ve misplaced your instructions, you can download them here.

How does the floating turtle trap work?

When turtles climb up to reach the warmth of the sun, they fall into the trap and are unable to climb back out.

How many turtles will the floating turtle trap hold?

The trap will hold as many as 50 adult turtles. Some pond owners have reported even more turtles in one trap!

How do I set my Floating Turtle Trap?

To set the turtle trap in smaller ponds, you will need two ropes and a stake. One rope should be approximately 3′ longer than your water depth (to attach a weight to and use as an anchor) and one at least 30′ long for moving the trap in and out of the water.

  1. Tie one end of the shorter rope to the turtle trap frame and the other to the weight (we recommend a brick or 1/2 cinder block)
  2. Tie one end of the longer rope to the trap.
  3. Put the weight and turtle trap on the bank on one side of the pond. Take the longer rope in hand and walk to the other side of the pond. Pull the rope to move the trap and weight into the pond. We recommend having the trap at least 30′ from the shoreline.
  4. Tie the free end of the rope to a stake at the bank.

For larger ponds and lakes you will need to use a boat. Attach an anchor to the turtle trap like in step 1 above. Take the trap and weight out into the pond at least 30′ from the shoreline. Drop the weight and trap into the pond.

How I often should I check my Floating Turtle Trap?

You should check the floating turtle trap and remove any turtles about every two weeks. Remove other floating surface debris to increase catch frequency. 

What is the Pond King Floating Turtle Trap constructed of?

The Pond King Floating Turtle Trap is built to last with an all welded aluminum frame and flippers with stainless steel hinges. The floats are molded vinyl fenders. No messy foam to worry about and superb flotation.

What kind of turtles will the floating turtle trap be able to catch?Heading

The Pond King turtle trap can catch a variety of turtles, but the most common one you will find in your trap is the Red-eared slider. This trap is not designed to catch snapping turtles.

What kind of warranty is available on the Pond King Floating Turtle Trap?

Our Pond King Floating Turtle Trap carries a 5 year warranty on the frame and welds. The turtle trap floats have a lifetime warranty against splitting or bursting. This does not cover any sort of puncturing (beavers eating, gunshot holes, etc.) 

How many traps should I put on my pond?

We typically recommend adding one turtle trap for every 4-5 acres of water.

Do I need to use bait with the Pond King Turtle Trap?

No bait is needed to be able to catch turtles in our floating trap.

How big is the Pond King Floating Turtle Trap?

The floating turtle trap is 23”x 25”x 16” Coated Galvanized Cage.

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